ISB YLP: Structure, Eligibility and Timeline

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The Young Leaders Programme is a foundation programme that helps high-potential undergraduates secure admission to the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) at ISB. PGP and YLP applications are assessed rigorously on criteria like persona and understanding of general world, its expression, over and above academic excellence. Attending the YLP will help one gain insights into management education before one sets their foot into a full-time MBA (PGP), but need to gain a professional work experience for at least 2 years in the industry of their interest.

Throughout these 2 years of work experience that candidates gain before starting the program, the institute conducts session, seminars and interactive activities to continuously stay in touch and guide the candidates.

ISB YLP is a much sought after programme that will help undergraduate students gain guaranteed admission into the prestigious Post Graduate Programme (PGP) at ISB while they are still in the pre-final year of undergraduate degree. The admission is contingent upon completion of a minimum of one year and nine months of work experience after under graduation.

The YLP candidates get to interact with students and alums from different professional and educational backgrounds, learn from distinguished resident and international faculty and go through research-based contemporary programs.

YLP is Young Leaders program. ISB has very recently started accepting GRE scores. I’d say with my experience of being a part of the Admissions Interview panel – a range of 311 – 334+ score is competitive, but its best to score higher than 325 if you are a YLP applicant.

Some key facts:

Eligibility: Pre-final and Final Year under graduate and postgraduate college students are eligible to apply to the YLP. Graduates can apply directly to the PGP. Students pursuing under graduate, post graduate or integrated programmes (Bachelor’s + Master’s) of any duration are eligible to apply.

Impact on PGP: The YLP is an entry route to the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) at ISB. Placement support is provided to PGP students once they complete the PGP. No placement support is provided to YLP admits prior to their enrolment in the PGP through the YLP. YLP admits join the PGP cohort without any discrimination. A rejection for the YLP has no bearing on your chances of acceptance in the future.

(i) Qualifying scores: GMAT or GRE scores are required as a part of the Stage II evaluation process of YLP. You may choose to take either one.

(ii) Recommendations: Only one evaluation (recommendations) is required in Stage II of the evaluation process.

(iii) Evaluation stages: The YLP evaluation process is spread across three stages. Each stage requires the candidate to provide additional information.

Here are the stages in detail

Academics Calendar for 2020-21:

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