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Interview Readiness Plan
Whether you took our support for the applications or not! We help you prepare yourself for the D-Day. Hone your interviewing skills with a counselor who has successfully navigated the interview process at a top b-school and has interviewed prospective applicants for admission. Walking this extra mile can make a huge difference. So, what all is included:
  • School specific interview guidance and mentoring. Tell your story well to support your strong application
  • How can you set yourself apart while answering the same frequently asked questions
  • A structured approach guidance with scientific and proven methodologies that is taught in B-Schools
  • Tips on being personable and confident
  • Feedback on body language, clothes and personal grooming needs that colleges judge you on
  • Mock interviews to provide actual interview experience
  • Post-interview tips
Round 1
INR 9,999
02 Rounds
INR 17,999
The needs are various and we have curated plans to suit your individual needs.
  • Rejection Analysis: why did you get rejected, what went wrong and what can you do if you want to apply as a re-applicant. What will you get?
  • A 60-90 minutes deep dive with the experts into your rejections! We understand that applicants sometimes don’t understand where they went wrong and end up repeating the same mistakes! This plan will help you plan for the future and better..
INR 19,999
Plan Ahead Package
​The MBA application process has two major parts, which finally leads to a decision of selection or rejection: candidature and execution. If you can strengthen your candidature in advance, you have a much story to bake in, and credentials to show, by the time you actually begin executing on the application. What is included?
  • 60-90 minutes deep dive on your profile and achievements with an expert consultant
  • Your dream school list and choices: its impact on your future goal, what to look for to get through the door, and how to strategise
  • An assessment/profile evaluation with a SOAR analysis – strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results and a “Build Plan” report
  • Every quarter connect of 45 min each, with your expert on your developments and revisiting the plans – a journey we take together with you
  • Unlimited email access to the VictaPrep expert for one full year
INR 19,999

Make you market ready

You’ve joined an MDP or a senior management program at a B school. or you maybe someone who is trying to make a shift. 

How do you prepare yourself to make that jump? How do you build your resume? What re the different kinds of resumes? Do you take a one size fits all approach? How do you prepare for the interview?

3 rounds of solid resume reviews and 2 rounds of interview prep is what we offer with a senior coach

INR 27,999

Post Selection Boost Your Profile

Great! Now you have made it to the top universities! Question comes, which one to choose and what to do to prep yourself better for the rigor!

Many applicants successfully get selected by multiple schools and are unable to make a decision. There are various metrics to be judged before you make the right selection. Choosing the right school might change your career path. Also, basis your post MBA goals, how do you start preparing yourself in these few months? What courses to do? How to network and whether to pursue certain certificate courses? This is highly important which fresh batches struggle with.
We help you provide 360 degree guidance where a senior industry professional with a top notch MBA will guide you on building your post selection profile

Additional Connect

INR 4,999

First 3 Connects

INR 14,999