Study Abroad Testimonials
Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that your applicant has successfully converted their dream college. We take extreme pride in the roster of mentors we have onboard and are proud to show-off some of the praise they have received from recent applicants.

Ravi Chandra

Ross Business School - 2019 admit
Happy news..! I made into ROSS. Special thanks to you, for accepting to prep me for essays and my interview on the last minute notice. After the calls with you, I was more confident and relaxed. Your prep helped me a lot 🙂 The interview too went on a similar note on how we prepared on the weekend call.

Tony Mathew kadavil

Schulich Business School and HSC Montreal- 2019 admit
Extremely happy with the way the entire process was handled for my schools. With a low GMAT score, I was worried about my applications and also, on where and when I will get through. I always wanted to go to Canada, and yes with all your support, my dreams have come true!

Anchal Sadh

Srimon Fraser,Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies-2019 Admit
I am very excited to have gotten through my choice of schools. My application process was very well handled. Your inputs helped me carve out my SOP so well, which where I used a lot of relevant inputs that you gave in our connect calls! I wholeheartedly thank you for such an amazing mentoring process

Aayush Gupta

National University of singapore - 2021 admit
Since I started my B-school application process dangerously close to the target round deadlines, you were extremely prompt and responsive during our entire association. Considering how emotionally (borderline unreasonably) attached I was to my essays, your crystal clear sense of right and wrong backed with adequate sensitivity towards my story, is precisely what I needed to give my essays a concise and professional shape.

Anmol Shrivastava

IIMB & IIMC- 2021 admit
I got selected for IIM B amd IIMC Executive MBA programme.Now finalised to join IIM B.All your inputs helped a lot for both the essays and the interview prep. Thanks a lot again😇

Anu Das

Said Business School-2021 Admit
Thank You for all your guidance and support - professionally and personally. I want to thank you for not limiting your mentoring guidance to just MBA applications , but also supporting us emotionally during that anxious phase. Your encouraging words after my disappointing GMAT score ,really helped me to get over my self-doubting phase. year!Thanks again for all your guidance.

Priyal Paul

ISB - 2021 admit
If not for your training I wouldn’t have made it to ISB. Your instructions were very clear, crisp and to the point. This is exactly what one needs to crack the ISB interview. Taking the interview training was one of the best decisions I made in my ISB preparation journey. I hope many more aspirants get the opportunity and seek your help. Thank You

Raghvendra Kumar Awasthi

IIMA- 2021 admit
I worked with you for my MBA application review. You especially guided me for SOP and Essays. Deliberation with you bought my best story which I presented across. You know this stuff in and out. My best compliments to you!

Ritika Bansal

ISB-2021 Admit
Mamata Banerjee has been that mentor to me who guided me through every step of my application and ensured that I presented myself to the best of my abilities - whether it was essay writing or boosting confidence during interview prep or even maintaining my calm self. I remember those times when I called her after been fussy, she would calmly listen to me and helped me carve solutions to every problem.

Shahwat Shekhar

ISB - 2021 admit
You were instrumental in bringing out the essence of my stories and aligning it with the application essays. What stood out for me was your clarity regarding the expectations of the B-school and the purpose of its essays, as it allowed me to work backwards and tie up my relevant skill sets, personal traits and aspirations to the objective of the essays. Through regular deliberations and discussions, you helped me reflect on my own life experiences and draw them out in my essays.

Shubhra Budhwar

IIMA- 2021 admit
Working with you has been an absolute delight in terms of your invaluable guidance and constant motivation. Two things I appreciate about you is your dedication - how well planned and prepared you were for every interaction of ours and secondly your honesty. You helped shape my thoughts in a very structured manner, which ultimately played a crucial role in my admission. You have been a great mentor in all aspects.I would like to thank you for all the guidance and support!

Sughosh Sukesh

ISB-2021 Admit
The RSM MBA application is quite unique and it has some challenging questions. You helped me through this journey right from brainstorming ideas, and selecting the correct idea, to refining the final draft of the essay. You were flexible with deadlines and accomodated any delays from my side. In addition to this, you provided me an insight into how the adcom thinks, thereby allowing me to showcase my skills and experiences in the most impactful manner

Swathi Bonthu

ISB - 2021 admit
Big thanks to you for guiding me through ISB application.My initial calls with you made me introspect my goals, strengths and weaknesses.This helped me to get a clearer picture of my personality,candidature and building a story around it.You provided honest and objective feedback so that I understand what areas of my application would need focus and how can the essays be structured to create impact.I would strongly recommend you to any prospective MBA candidate

Sukanya Kanawade

IIMA- 2021 admit
You were a true mentor right from day one and helped me put together the best aspects of my profile together in an application. Your feedback was always on point and you brought method to the madness. You never spoon fed me with your ideas for the essay prompts but helped me kickstart thinking appropriately. Your inputs helped me secure my HEC and ESADE admit with so much ease. I couldn't have asked for anyone better

Vivek Kaipurath

ISB-2021 Admit
I had the pleasure of working with you during the applications I made in 2019 for three colleges viz. Cambridge Judge Business School, Said Business School & Indian School of Business(ISB). My overall experience with you was very enriching, helping me gain insights about my profile that I might have otherwise missed.I wholeheartedly feel that Mamata has been of huge help and support, and I would recommend her to anyone who is in the process of applications.

Deep Banerjee

ISB - 2021 admit
The application procedure, the SOP framing, shaping the LOR, till my interview; the guidance and vision has helped me through ‘n’ through. Your ability to gauge not only the “must-haves” but also going extra miles to thread the additional pointers that makes the application unique and much more impactful. You have my full endorsement and I hope you will help many more aspirants to achieve their dreams.

Divyansh Bansal

IIMA- 2021 admit
Many thanks for the tremendous help in the process. With your help I was able to get into the best schools in parallel to my busy work schedule.Your ability to take the “giant” application process and turn it into something structured and clear .The biggest differential was your exceptional guidance which not only helped me realize my positives but also portray them effectively to the school. Further, your flexibility and commitment – in the most decisive moments - was decisive for us to beat the challenging timeline we had.

Shashank Sing

ISB-2021 Admit
Thank you for your top-notch help. I am absolutely delighted with my new job. I was extremely impressed with the abundance and quality of the material you provided. You are highly professional, extremely dedicated, and very good at what you do. The quality of your services is reflected in the wonderful position that I landed with your help!