MIS/MS Services
Getting to know you!
  • Free consultation call for expert advise
  • Detailed profile evaluation using the VPC evaluation model
  • Personalized report based on your profile that serves as the roadmap for the key next steps such as target b-schools identification
Selection of B-schools
  • Identification of target b-schools based on future goals, interests, work experience, extra-curriculars and profile evaluation
  • Balanced target b-schools recommendation list
Interview Prep
  • B-school specific interview mentoring
  • Advise & strategy to structure responses in scientific & structured formats
  • Discuss FAQs and conduct mock interviews to provide actual interview experience
  • Actionable suggestions for your big day
  • Post interview tips
Application Development
  • Development of key highlights of your profile – SOAR analysis
  • Resume preparation in CAR/STAR format
  • Brainstorming sessions on essays, augment positioning warranting fit with personal brand and story
  • Selection of recommenders and personalized input
Choose Your Plan
VictaPrep provides graduate school admissions consulting to students seeking admission to Ivy League and other highly selective graduate programs. Whether it’s through Skype, FaceTime, phone, or email, we are able to work with students from across the globe.
1 School
MBA Application To 1 Selected & Aligned School
INR 34,999
2 Schools
MBA Application To Selected & Aligned Schools
INR 49,999
3 Schools
MBA Application To 3 Selected & Aligned Schools
INR 64,999
4 Schools
MBA Application To 4 Selected & Aligned Schools
INR 79,999
5 Schools
MBA Application To 5 Selected & Aligned Schools
INR 94,999