How to choose your recommenders?

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It’s a fact that LOR plays a vital role in your Masters application. Any graduate school will typically ask for at least one or more recommendations. To have a killer application package, you need to have killer recommendations. It is imperative that the LOR be written by someone who knows you well. Here is the breakdown of some tips and tricks to make your LORs stand-out:

  • Carefully choose those who want to write for you: Let’s pause and understand the most vital part of your LOR. Selecting the recommender. It’s needless to say that your recommender should like you and should be impressed with your work. The crux here is to select someone who would know you enough to talk about your academic/profession journey and career aspirations.
  • Make the request at the right time: Picking the right time is very important. A recommender would also need time to frame the points and build the letter. Anywhere between a month to 2 weeks would be a good timeline to provide. Ideally though, you should pitch the request as soon as you decide to apply.
  • Make a clear ask: Be sure to make a crisp and to-the-point ask from your recommender. They need to understand what are your key skillsets that you would like to be highlighted through your recommendation. Some of the key inputs that they would need from you are:

* The degree/program you want to pursue

* The colleges/universities you are applying to

* Your career aspirations

* How will your graduate degree help you?

* The deadline by which the LOR is to be submitted

  • Judicious follow-ups: It’s important to follow-up with your recommender. Keep a judicious track to make sure the letter went in, though don’t bother them too much. Note that if you have chosen the recommender carefully, frequent follow-ups may not be required. Also, always take time to let your recommenders know the final outcome.

Always remember, people from your field or are a part of a field related to your graduate program would be the best recommenders.

If you think you need help in this journey, reach out to us! VictaPrep is an education consulting firm and our motto is guiding applicants with personized solutions. It is a team of professionals, who come from a humble background, and yet have successfully taken the same journey as you aspire today!

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