Ireland: Colleges for Masters in Computer Sciences

Computer Scince Degree

The world of technology is ever changing and emerging. Growth is inevitable and to keep the growth graph continuous skills have to be kept up-to date. Undoubtedly, CS still attracts a lot of international student crowd.

There is a dearth in the number of Masters in Computer Science in Ireland graduates. This needs to be addressed due to the growing demands. Ireland is the home of the top 10 technology companies and is also known as the Internet and Games Capital of Europe. There are more than 730,000 job postings from the past year and the most common positions were available for MSc in Computing in Ireland.

MS in Computer Science is a 1-2 year program associated with the study of technical approaches related to computer applications and services. This country has a strong reputation in the software industry and it’s a home for some of the best universities offering computer science courses.

Why to pursue CS in Ireland?

  • Ireland is the 2nd largest exporter of computer and IT services in the world and so in the corporate world of Ireland, there is always a demand for computer scientists.
  • Ireland provides 2 years of work permit after completing the degree and that is a considerable relaxation for the international students who want to study in Ireland.
  • As per the QS world university ranking for computer science and information technology, six of the universities in Ireland are in the list of top 600 universities for masters in computer science abroad.
  • Ireland ranks 1st for high-value FDI flows and thus it has a productive corporate market making jobs easier and of highly paid.

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