3 key tips on how to decide the right study course for you

Study plan for MIM

Are you confused and can’t decide your next career path? This generally happens when you don’t know where to start from. It is imperative to take a minute to think, what should be my next big thing? Here’s how you should go about it –

What do you really want to do – (most important) It is imperative for every individual to have clarity of thought. The Socratic strategy, which depends on posing and noting inquiries to provoke critical thinking, is a powerful technique. The first question would be which field (say Science/Arts/Commerce), the next question would be what specific part in this field am I inclined towards? Say Computers. Then next question is what in Computers? Data Analysis, Coding, front-end development, Data science etc.

Hence, asking questions would provoke thoughts. Keep that going on. Another thing to keep in mind is to not have mob mentality. Getting inspired is one thing, but getting driven without having an understanding is a big mistake. So DO YOUR HOMEWORK prior!

· Reality Check – Now since the Socratic approach has helped you to decide your dream course. Let’s take things to the next level.

o Location – Location plays a vital role. One needs to be right at the source to get the best. It’s important to understand which geography is the best suited for your dream course.

o College – We need to understand that each individual has their own style and approach towards any task. Selecting the correct college and a course that suits your style of studying is very important. Are you a fast learner? If yes, a 9-month full-time course might suit you. But if you like granularity, a 24-month course could be a better bet for you.

o Investment Investment = money + effort + time. This is the most basic formula to keep in mind while selecting your course. Each of the above quantum is unique in their own way. However, to have a bright future all of them are required together.

Career prospects and ReturnsCourse selection comes along with the career prospects around it. What are you planning to do post this course? What are your short- and long-term goals? Do they fall in line with the course that you are selecting? How is this course helping you to excel? FOOD FOR THOUGHT! ~ Here is some homework for you. Another aspect to plan would be the gauging the possible return. How is the market? What are the possible roles that you can aim at and how will you grow in this sector?
One of the tricks is to get into networking and talking to the alumni of your dream college. Try to find their challenge and how are they thriving in the current scenario.

Here’s a tip: Work on your LinkedIn profile and track your prospective alumni.

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