3 key points to remember when you structure your essay

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We all studied algebra in our schools. Isn’t it? Well, the most important equation to remember when structuring your essay is it is solving for the Elementary Essay Equation (E3):

X + Y = Z

So, what really do we mean by this? X is actually “you”; Y is the addition to your soft/hard skills that you seek for yourself from the course as a future student. “Z” is what you believe your short-term goal is; it is what you believe you can become post this course.

Notes for MS

Define your X and Y

Therefore, you have to define yourself –your abilities, your qualities and your unique spark points. Stress what makes you exceptional, not what makes you number one. That is your “X”. When defining “Y”, you need to find out amidst all the offerings that the school has to offer, which ones are a natural fit . The combination of X+Y should be able to realistically help you reach your goal, “Z”.

If you are confused more than actually convinced, let me ask you this? What is the school looking for in you? The school wants to take in applicants who they feel have the potential. This is showcased with your uniqueness, your abilities and through examples that you cite. The school knows what the course has to offer. So they should be convinced that if you select “a” and “b” courses and with the help of out of class leadership roles and activities, you should be able to achieve your goal “Z”. We call it the Elementary Essay Equation (E3), which further helps to define the Personalized Essay Framework (PEF).

Bringing it together

If you have been able to define all the three areas well, and three aspects, 90% of most essays can be solved for! So remember the X+Y = Z when trying to look for answers of your essays. It is always going to be defined in mostly all essays but the variation exists in how many words to give to each section. Now that depends on the question. For a typical “what is your short term goal post MBA” or “Tell us how do you think you are unique and how do you think the school can help in your short term goal” it will fairly be equitably spread. However, suppose the question asks you, what is your biggest achievement until now, you focus more on “X” with some snippets from how “Y” can further help you as you aim for “Z”. All the best!

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